M Bamboo (1 pair)
M Bamboo (1 pair)
M Bamboo (1 pair)
M Bamboo (1 pair)

M Bamboo (1 pair)

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Men's Boxer Briefs
The Power of All-Day Comfort - Boxer Briefs.  All around better underwear for everyday activities.  Work | Play | Gym | Chill
95% Bamboo || 5% Spandex
small: 28-30
medium: 32-34
large: 36-38
x-large: 40-42
  • Odor Free & Fresh Feeling All Day
  • Keeping You Dry Longer
  • Keeps you Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter
  • Allergy Friendly
  • Saving the Planet — The Most Earth Friendly Fabric Ever


What is bamboo?

Bamboo comes from a plant.  It’s harvested, processed into fiber, spun into yarn and woven in bamboo fabric.  Bamboo isn’t treated with chemicals at all, which makes them naturally smoother.  The smoothness prevents sharp spurs from picking the skin.  It has a very similar softness feeling like silk.


Bamboo vs. Cotton

Bamboo is stronger than cotton — long lasting.

Bamboo is softer than cotton.

Bamboo is more breathable and absorbent.

Bamboo smells better and stays cleaner longer.

Bamboo wins... 🏆

M Bamboo (1 pair)
M Bamboo (1 pair)