Underwear Replenishment

Did you know married men are more prone to replacing their underwear drawer twice as much as a single man?

We can probably agree that most men never think about replacing their underwear, even when holes appear.  I'm willing to bet women are tired of looking at our holy, loose fitting draws that are partially faded and unravelling around the waist band.  They're (women) most likely the reason why married men replace their underwear more than a single man.  I'd take a guess and say since men are terrible at doing laundry, women are doing our laundry and they're tired of seeing our shit - no pun intended. 

There are other reasons why we should replace our underwear though.  Think about the underwear we've been wearing since we were kids.  We probably have been wearing the same brands for a while.  Most of our loyalty to the brand of underwear we've been wearing only comes from us being used to them.  With that being said, I bet more than half of men don't think their underwear is comfortable.  Men who do replace their underwear often, probably go for name brand underwear that are very fashionable.  The fashion brands look good, but are they as comfortable as we want them to be?

In your opinion, what makes underwear comfortable?

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  • Underwear that rides up when I get active is the worse. The silent killer is the waist band that causes hair bumps that you don’t realize is getting you until it’s too late!

    • Treveontay